So I’ll tell you, yesterday I started to get a sore throat. Our commercial real estate professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Tri-State Region are monitoring the situation closely and working with clients and community to help us get through this coronavirus outbreak. So we’re being smart about it. Wondering what to do with your savings? It’ll be interesting to see how this all affects that demographic in this rising tide of Philadelphia as we’re still in the shadow of New York, Chicago, D.C., Boston, Seattle, all of these other major cities. Now she’s prepared to show properties virtually, if she has to. It’s the person who collects your payment now. (Courtesy of Jill Wolfe) During the coronavirus pandemic, Morning Edition host Jennifer Lynn has been talking to listeners and learning about how they’re living through the virus. All Rights Reserved. I think that for a lot of the agents or the people working in our industry who are new, who are used to this very fast paced, healthy market, it’s going to be a very scary time for them. Suite 600 These restrictions DO NOT impact real estate operations and transactions in Philadelphia. We would also recommend that agents check with their brokerages to confirm what company policies they may have put in place. Despite a rocky economy, the real estate market will — mostly — stay strong. As the City of Philadelphia continues to navigate the fast-moving COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, our number one priority is the health and safety of our residents. In the week ending December 31st, the state recorded 40,407 new cases of COVID-19, down from nearly 49,000 the week before. “The buying and selling of real estate is a critical part of the continued flow of life,” even during the covid-109 pandemic, the association said in its brief. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- COVID-19 has pummeled many industries, but, in Philadelphia, real estate is not one of them. Across the country, commercial real estate prices are taking a dip as people stop going to offices due to COVID … Home prices are rising faster in the middle of the U.S. as Covid drives people away from coasts Published Mon, Jan 4 2021 10:19 AM EST Diana … Philadelphia real estate agent Elizabeth Clark. News about the coronavirus is changing quickly. New Philadelphia COVID-19 Restrictions & Real Estate. So the houses that are going up … It will recover and it’s going to happen a lot more quickly, I think, than, you know, it did during the [Great] Recession. Be smart, informed, safe and professional. Going forward, what advice would you have for someone like that? 123 South Broad Street Want a digest of WHYY’s programs, events & stories? Philadelphia, PA 19109. The census is now online and being mailed to homes across the region. Massive uncertainty in the markets remains and Covid-19’s longer term persistence is still unknown. Delaware offers renters, homeowners $40 million in COVID-19 housing aid. While this may be a time of uncertainty, we felt it was more important than ever to be able to share our insights on the Real Estate Market in the Philadelphia Area. The City of Philadelphia has stopped accepting in-person deed transfers for an indefinite period of time due to the spread of COVID-19. The Philadelphia Department of Revenue recognizes that the extraordinary measures necessary to keep Philadelphians safe are having a profound impact on many residents and businesses. Del. All Real Estate In Pennsylvania Reopened With New Guidance Pennsylvania Real Estate License Renewal and Continuing Education Deadlines Moved to August 29, 2020 Philadelphia launches COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Message to GPAR Members from President Stephanie Biello Liz Clark has had her finger on the pulse of Philly’s real estate market for over a decade and has seen ups and downs. We will be regularly updating this page with the latest information and resources for our region. A new study says ‘renting and investing’ is smarter than home buying in Philly metro. Are we definitely not planning any big trips this year? Properly operating in compliance with government directives, including PA Department of Health directives, is paramount to keeping our members and their clients safe and our business open. They may make the choice to stay and renew their leases right now, because for them, it’s not so much the monthly mortgage payment. The coronavirus could be the crisis that finally propels the tech-averse real estate industry into the 21st century. State residents struggling to make rent or mortgage payments due to the coronavirus pandemic will be able to get assistance through two programs. At the same time, it’s an interesting period in Philadelphia in that housing is going up year over year in terms of value, sometimes by double digits. Philly community groups are still trying to get the word out during the pandemic. These businesses can continue to function under current guidance. But that doesn’t mean they are bearing the biggest burden of COVID patients relative to their size. The documents below are meant to provide guidance to taxpayers and tax professionals as … The COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 40,000 people around the world, is impacting the commercial real estate market in ways both … Covid-19 and the after-effects have turned the world upside down. The silver lining post-Covid for Philly real estate is demand from a combination of home buyers. WHYY is our community. The latest information can be found at If you’re a renter in Philly, and you have been hit particularly hard by the financial strain of the pandemic, you may have been offered a lifeline earlier this year, when the city announced new support to help people pay the rent. Fresh Air Weekend collects the best segments from the week's programs and crafts them together for great weekend listening. And if you can’t make your mortgage payment, they can actually give you an opportunity to just lump on the month that you can’t pay at the end of your note. And I thought, “Oh my god, I have a sore throat.” And I thought, “Oh, I’d been talking for 12 hours.”. The City of Philadelphia office that handles the first-time homebuyers program has closed. COVID-19, GPAR, Important News, Policy. Philadelphia real estate agent Elizabeth Clark. Montgomery County opens Philadelphia area’s first mass COVID-19 vaccination site for health-care workers by Frank Kummer , Posted: January 6, 2021 Mitch Gorman, a pharmacist, gets vaccinated by medical staff Pat DeHorsey. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Real estate experts say it's too early to tell if COVID-19 is causing people living in the city to flee to the suburbs, but … Toomey is 2nd GOP senator to urge Trump to resign, Philly has 3,600 murals and few ways to protect them, Delco leaders mull an appeal after judge upholds $276.5 million DELCORA deal. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Spring is usually the busy season when it comes to real estate. I believe that the government is starting to work with some of the big banks to put forward an amount of time. Commercial real estate prices appear to hold steady in Arizona. She spoke of resilience and offered some advice about mortgages. Testing Site Map: A testing site finder at helps people find a free COVID-19 test in Philadelphia. And that is just not going to be possible right now. This virus has already received enough negative attention, so lets talk about some of the more positive outcomes. WHYY is you. I remember very well what happened in 2008, 2009, 2010, when the belly fell out of the market and we were hit. The study found that housing prices in the Philadelphia metro are about 10% higher than what the long-term cost trends suggest they should be. WHYY thanks our sponsors — become a WHYY sponsor. Are we looking to scale back some of the home renovation projects we had in our mind? Real Estate Tax; Report a change to lot lines for your property taxes; Get Real Estate Tax relief.