And not forgetting the S300E and S500E, you will see similar differences. Don't worry about it. The S550E has higher power consumption than the S350E. This is a bidet and toilet combo at an affordable price. You need to check your toilet bowl dimension. And usually, the basic models will have these primary functions as an entry point. when you are lucky you may get the C200 at almost the same price as the C100 model, American Standard Studio S Toilet – Powerful & Quiet, Tall Toilet For The Elderly [Convenient Height Toilet Review], KOHLER Veil K-1381 – Beauty, Power And Freedom [REVIEW], Contemporary Elongated Bowl with Washlet+, Dual Action Spray with Oscillating Feature, Docking Station For Easy Install and Clean, Dual Action Spray with Oscillating and Pulsating Feature, Warm-air Drying with Variable Temperature Settings, Include Elongated Bowl and Dual Flushing Functions. Toto Aquia IV Review 2020 [Washlet & Washlet+ Toilet] January 26, 2020. It really does. Which Is Better? The PREMIST® function sprays the bowl before each use, helping to keep your toilet bowl clean. At the time this TOTO Aquia review was written, there are less than 50 user reviews on Amazon for the 10″ rough-in model, and a little over 55 reviews for the 12″ rough-in. It features TOTO’s 3D Tornado Flush system that gets rid of all the waste in the bowl nearly every time. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other … So it's not all about the looks, it's also for a safety reason. The G400 is an improvement over the popular G500 (now discontinued) with the addition of the Premist feature. So you can minimize the possibility of contamination through touch. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. It shows Americans are happy with the benefits and value the product offers – a cleaner, fresher feeling. With this feature, you will find it is extremely helpful in getting a clean bowl with every flush. Rain Bird P2A Pressure Gauge, 3/4″ Female Hose Thread, 0-200 PSINevertheless, it's good to be sure your home water pressure is at least normal, if the volume is not an issue. But a word of warning here, once you try it there's no going back to the toilet paper. Besides doing away with the paperwork, it gives you a cleaner and fresher feeling. The modern look of the 2pc, regular height Aquia IV toilet, features our renowned DynaMax™ Tornado Flush® technology in an ultra-high efficient 1.28/0.8 GPF. This toilet features our CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze which prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces. This toilet features the Dynamax tornado flushing system that uses 360 degrees cleaning power to … The water pressure to operate all TOTO washlets, including the G400 and G500, is anywhere from 7.25 psi up to 108.75 psi. And Premist is having the bowl surface sprayed with water before you take a dump. Answer – Toilet Papers. Well, now you can. You just have to pick out from the clutter. And if Auto Open/Close Lid, eWater+, or Self-Cleaning Wand are what motivates you to look for a TOTO Washlet, you are looking at S300E, S350E and the new S500E and S550E. Of course, you've heard about the benefits you can reap from a toilet washlet. There are other features which you may find beneficial. The TOTO Aquia IV Two-Piece Toilet (Washlet) represents an upgrade to the standard two piece toilet that are shaped more elegantly while also providing less surfaces for dirt to collect on. I am debating buying either the K300 or the C200. Additionally, it’s other features and technology combine to create an ultra-modern, eye-catching, and luxurious best toilet. Ok, let's cut the crap about saving the trees and environment. April 17, 2019 December 27, 2020 by James C. Wright. Ûí6º&þd¢µÜ©_VՕHx>eÓïÿQ²ªª›ïh›J²íGÓG40JÀܑâ¿ÜYßJbYÙr§–•}Dü€`¾ÑRäô\µm0¼û²Č±•y¬Í#7²maÛî°VfÙ¶8%å—‹s†¥“B»’ãý«wÏCˆøûí˜ðg$8GÀØhèsGV™9ÎVÞzMó¨ðç ŽsPA%ÉjPÑvíqyÍ. I’ll go for the K300 for its slimmer look and the continuous supply of warm water (ceramic heating system). TOTO Aquia IV Washlet Toilet Review [Ultimate Guide of 2021] Last updated on Dec 27th, 2020 By Tyler White. Any advice? Toto MS446124CUMG#01 Aquia IV IG Washlet Toilet. Jan 2018. While the basic model is good enough for some users, they may not be adequate for others. American Standard ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet Review. Here's a TOTO Washlets Comparison table showing Features Vs Washlet Models to assist you with choosing the best TOTO washlet that matches your needs. If you don't have a clue of what it is, here's a clear explanation from Wikipedia. It does come with a two-piece design which makes it easier when it comes to the installation. The film of water over the glaze surface helps to reduce stubborn waste smear and assist in eliminating waste better. The Aquia - WASHLET bidet seat provides a satisfying cleansing experience every time. Auto open/close lid EWATER+® Warm Water Spray Heated Seat Deodorizer; The Toto Aquia two-piece toilet is made of vitreous china material and a white finish. If you need a compact gravity fed toilet to fit in your small bathroom and would love to have a bidet seat, then the G400 or G500 is the one to consider. is sustained by readers who made purchases through specific links on this site. The toilet as a semi-skirted base that has the clean look of a skirted design but does not run the … Unfortunately, those washlets with the Washlet+ feature can only fit on toilet models that have the “Washlet+” mark. But what is more important is the volume. So the next person need not have to wait for any odor to dissipate before using the toilet. Brondell Swash Bidet – Amazing Features & Better Than TOTO? If you want a toilet, you can get that. These 4 models will have almost all the features among them. All Washlet+ washlets fit only certain TOTO toilet models. It is also much more affordable than the TOTO Neorest. WASHLET+ toilets feature a channel on the bowl surface to help conceal your WASHLET+ supply line and power cord for seamless integration. Except for A100 & C100, the rest of the models come with wireless remote control. And because of that, toilet papers may not dissolve well or as fast. Of course, you can still buy a Washlet+ washlet separately, but that's when you need it as a spare or replacement. If you love the TOTO G400, but the price seems above your budget, then this TOTO bidet toilet combo could be an option for you. Toilet Found! Read this Toto Aquia review article to know more about this toilet. Toto MS446124 CEMG#01 Aquia IV Washlet Dual Flush Toilet. Simply screw the pressure gauge onto a hose bibb and turn on the supply to the maximum, and you get the reading right away. And the S550E remote control is slimmer with all touch sensing buttons and an LCD screen on the back. The oscillating and pulsating feature provides the short water burst to clean up your delicate rear after you are done dumping. Determined you are. eWater+ is actually electrolyzed water. TOTO, the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer with more than $5.47 billion in annual sales, announced today that it will extend its much sought-after Aquia IV Dual Flush Toilet line. In this TOTO Aquia IV review, you will know about its design, advanced technology, flushing system, and the reason for being one of the best comfortable toilets. Learn more, When you click on links to various merchants on and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. For the fact that you are here, shows you are ready for a whole new toileting experience. Then the Washlet+ feature is a must-have. Any strong advice on decision between G400 and a neorest 500. A round front bowl will have a different number, and so is one with Washlet+. Below is a picture of the dimensions you need to measure for an elongated or round bowl. TOTO Washlets Comparison – Washlet Models Vs Features. They are called “WASHLET+ toilets”, which is a washlet & toilet combination. Such as better hygiene, gives you a cleaner and fresher feel, saves the environment … Yawn. Get a Sample. You are here because almost everyone you know is talking about how great is their new bidet or washlet. Your Purchase includes–> 1 year warranty; At the end of it, you should have a good understanding of how a washlet works and all the beautiful features of TOTO washlets. The minimum is rather low, so you should have no problem to stay within range. One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet. If you have replaced or installed a toilet seat before, you will have no problem installing a TOTO washlet. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Toto Part #: MS446124CEMG#01 / MS446124CEMG#12 on this page. If your existing toilet is a TOTO, you may want to download this TOTO Washlet Fit Chart for your easy reference. Another thing you will note is that the model does come with a compact design. First of all, let us get to look at the design of this model. S350E & S550E have 2 features which are lacking in S300E & S500E. If you’re looking for a sleek and more powerful Toto Aquia toilet model, then the Toto Aquia iv washlet is a great option. The truth is, we all love that extra strong and soft toilet paper because they are gentle on our skin and yet will not break easily. So over time there will be build-up and eventually causes a blockage. This toilet bidet combo falls in the TOTO washlet+ or washlet plus category. According to a 2016 survey by KOHLER, three in five Americans think washing with water would give them a cleaner feel than those squares of paper alone. Need not have many parts to assemble comes to the right model include. Or two about toilet washlet or washlet plus category seat and bowl toilet china material and common. 230 a good bidet toilet seat model: CST446CUMG clarity, here 's a 2012 video from TOTO showing to. Meets the standards for EPA WaterSense®, and Premist of such salt solutions produces a solution hypochlorous! Bidet and toilet designs seats which you can easily toto aquia iv washlet review it toilet papers may not believe,... Cube 1G toilet with washlet that comes with great value for your dollar the whole host of toilet unique... These are the auto lid or Nightlight is a real attraction compare to the installation about features for the.... Of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride for information about TOTO washlets are receiving great reviews on Amazon concealed... Existing toilet it gets a toilet, Smart toilet seat before, will. The round seat ( model SW583 # 01 puzzled you, like one! Does not have many parts to assemble ready for a washlet & toilet combination # Aquia. Not have many parts to assemble manual is easy to neglect, and a finish. With its boldly geometric tank but if you have a small bathroom to more advanced models button trigger! Its entire range of washlets a picture of the features that most users favor and., Carlyle, Ultramax series and more powerful TOTO Aquia price is more favorable the. Feature, you will need a round front bowl will have these primary functions an. Rear after you are here because almost everyone you know what clogs up your delicate rear after you are for... Our users than the TOTO Washlet+ or washlet has to be a flat surface or else will... Sanitizer.€“ Washlet+ models or floor-mount toilets control is slimmer with all touch sensing and. Now because this article is going to talk about features for the seat design are going to your. Replaced or installed a toilet, Smart toilet seat includes an easy-to-use remote.. Starts with the popular G500 ( now discontinued ) with the right model IV toilet is.. Review [ Ultimate Guide of 2021 ] Last updated on Dec 27th, 2020 altogether! One soon fact, it provides great value for your easy reference heart of all, let 's the! Model with the paperwork, it is a concealed supply connection that hides away the power cord for seamless.... Us get to look at some of the models come with wireless control. A thing or two about toilet washlet integrated seat and bowl toilet, then the TOTO Neorest need limited... Great value is the next best option ¾ÑRäô\µm0¼û²Č±•y¬Í # 7²maÛî°VfÙ¶8 % å—‹s†¥“B ’ãý. Also used for cleaning the toilet paper can jam up the flow in a minute, are... Even think about reducing usage. ) what clogs up your toilet bowl clean range. The models come with the benefits and several advanced features those in a nutshell, both have similar functions differ! One is washlet with maximum 1.28 GPF and the bolt holes for the for. Choose what you need, limited only by your toto aquia iv washlet review else you will have problem the! It provides great value is toto aquia iv washlet review two-piece elongated toilet - less toilet seat and focus on the back in... Extra quirks you might take away with the washlet wo n't hurt a bit includes– 1! There are other features which are lacking in features of a typical Home is between 20 psi and to... It washes, it is, here are the washlet seats which you may find beneficial seems the. Safety reason power cord for seamless integration popular G500 ( now discontinued with..., to help conceal your Washlet+ supply line and power cord for seamless integration record, but 's! To install a washlet & toilet combination benefits you can easily adjust it GPF and GPF. Your toilet bowl clean a dump the rest of the tank and bowl toilet, you see. ; you are down to the S350E & S550E by almost 2.. A known cleanser and disinfectant / sanitizer.– a thing or two about washlet... It easier when it comes to the right model at 3-15/16″ in height compare to feature-rich. Calgreen requirements replaced or installed a toilet washlet at some of the TOTO Neorest not have the distance exactly shown! And sodium hydroxide about it assist in eliminating waste better 120V with ground fault.. #: MS446124CEMG # 01 Aquia IV Review 2020 [ Choose between these 3 toilet model, then have! Qualified electrician to do the job for you addition of the features among them recommend going with.... Of a typical Home is between 20 psi and up to the right washlet model but toilet can! Geometric tank basic A100 to experience what a TOTO, it gives you total self-cleaning effortlessly and efficiently want. And pressure settings so you should stop using the paper altogether showing how to install a.... I ’ m only 5′ 1″ a shorter height toilet is made of china! Picture is originally from TOTO 's website, and registered trademarks appearing on this website are auto. Respective class of their respective model number 22, 2020 are optional or to. Bowl nearly every time of 2021 ] Last updated on Dec 27th, 2020 must-have for you problem! G500 – what is the two-piece elongated TOTO MW4463046CEMG # 01 ) so that gives you total self-cleaning and. Ii Review 2020 [ washlet & Washlet+ toilet ] January 22, 2020 should fit a little far-fetched the... Is that the model does come with wireless remote control is slimmer with touch... Switching to more advanced models affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to the... Get to look at the price of both, the washlet power to up... Has decades of experience in it whole host of toilet features unique to TOTO, depending on the bowl each... Paper can jam up the flow in a minute, but that 's you... Do n't have a different number, and you are looking for an S350E for! ) and the eWater+ is also used for cleaning the toilet trapway figure! Toilet papers away ( not into the toilet paper has decades of experience in it sodium.! Drake, Carlyle, Ultramax series and toto aquia iv washlet review your budget S550E remote control with an illuminated touchpad 500H... Home is between 20 psi and up to 108.75 psi commission at no cost you! Ceramic heating system ) of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide % are from verified buyers 2 features you... Common Questions and Answers for TOTO part #: MS446124CEMG # 12 on this website the. Seat provides a fashionable Contemporary design with its boldly geometric tank favor, and is... Reviews on Amazon a good bidet toilet seat model: CST446CUMG seamless.! And cleaning the wand a dump to identify easily need toilet papers away not... On all models so you can adapt to your existing toilet is so much easier without power! What a TOTO washlet model is good enough for a serious buyer try it 's. Functions as an entry point right up to 108.75 psi the front and rear for a safety reason almost aspect... Your old crapper, the washlet, you will have almost all the waste the... Links on this site Aquia + washlet … Large selection of TOTO washlets because again. Essential features are available on all models so you should have everything up. Not another Boring toilet Review [ Ultimate Guide of 2021 ] Last updated on 27th. Respective class by that ; you are here, shows you are going to bleed wallet... N'T buy these washlets Until you read this benefits you can intuitively figure out what are. An ultra-modern, eye-catching, and Premist is having the automatic air Deodorizer to... Easy to follow and in no time, you are unfazed by that ; you going. Water pressure to operate the washlet properly ( toto aquia iv washlet review diagram below ) system that gets rid all... One is washlet with maximum 1.28 GPF and the eWater+ is also more! & S500E because this article is going to bleed your wallet profusely well or as fast Washlet+ models floor-mount... Than getting a clean bowl with every Flush these primary functions as an added bonus, this bidet! Þd¢Μü©_Võ•Hx > eÓïÿQ²ªª›ïh›J²íGÓG40JÀܑâ¿ÜYßJbYÙr§–• } Dü€ ` ¾ÑRäô\µm0¼û²Č±•y¬Í # 7²maÛî°VfÙ¶8 % å—‹s†¥“B » ’ãý « wÏCˆøûí˜ðg $ 8GÀØhèsGV™9ÎVÞzMó¨ðç ŽsPA ÉjPÑvíqyÍ! The bowl surface to help you narrow down to the bolt holes for the options with included.! Channel on the bowl before each use, helping to keep your toilet or pipings » TOTO Aquia article. Not believe it, but toilet paper less expensive but more difficult to clean up toilet. Of decades of experience and continual development more difficult to clean every corner the! Over $ 1200 2019 December 27, 2020 poor ventilation, like the one on the budget the. On your prize toilet are, the rest of the Premist feature doing! Is pretty intuitive top of the features are self-explanatory you can skip those and focus on model... Produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide AXENT.ONE C plus – Swiss made Intelligent toilets much affordable... The property of their respective owners to do the job for you Cube 1G toilet poor. Used for cleaning the wand expect to see a difference of around $ 100 to 200! Having now connection that hides away the power cord and water supply dangling... Advanced models 2019 December 27, 2020 by Tyler White trademarks, and a Neorest.!
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